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With its ruched bodice, wrap front skirt and fishtail silhouette, this dress is super flattering and highlights Rebekah’s gorgeous hourglass figure; meanwhile the colour injects drama into the look.

Follow the link on the right to explore Nevena’s collection and find your closest stockist, or alternatively recreate the look with one of the options from our edit below, including picks from Missguided, Asos, Jessica Wright and Lanvin starting from just £35! I knew it wasn’t love.’ In the decade prior to meeting Jamie (they met when she worked in promotions at a Sheffield nightclub and was asked to plan his 27th birthday party), Rebekah bounced from one ill-advised relationship to the next, often with violent men.

She has been damned for having three children by three fathers – when she met Jamie more than two years ago she already had a daughter, Megan, now 11, and a son, Taylor, now six, and within months was pregnant with their daughter, 20-month-old Sofia – and blamed for causing a rift between Jamie and his mother Lisa and stepfather Phil, who did not attend their wedding.

(Jamie’s former girlfriend Emma Daggett kept Ella, their five-year-old daughter, away from the big day.

‘It’s his family, it’s up to Jamie to explain why – it’s not for me to say.’Ask her to define herself and she answers quickly, ‘A mum.’ Far from fame-hungry, she has three times turned down lucrative offers to star in a reality show.

I knew the one thing I could do was be a good mother. I had to have my child.’It is clear that for years Rebekah tried – however haplessly – to create her own family.A single mother, working in a bar to support her daughter, she started a six-year relationship with the former Oxford United player Luke Foster, who is the father of her son Taylor.After Taylor was born, Rebekah suffered from postnatal depression so bad that she experienced hallucinations and developed a slew of anxieties, including a fear of being near windows in case her baby fell to his death.Now, standing nearby as she speaks, he says nothing but it is clear how protective he is of her. ‘We were people who things could have gone very wrong for.She has been accused of a being a career Wag – trading in her lower-league partner for an England star and the man who helped 5,000/1 underdogs Leicester City claim their shock Premier League victory – but in fact she refused to go out with him when he first started to pursue her. We had to make changes if things were ever going to work, and I was ready for that.’ In a whole new tradition of tough Wags, Rebekah laid down the rules. ‘Jamie used to go out on benders and I couldn’t be doing with that. I stopped him from hanging around with people he thought were his friends, who were leading him astray. I wanted a family life with rules, homework times, bedtimes, meal times, manners.

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