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The Western medical tradition often traces roots directly to the early Greek civilization, much like the foundation of all of Western society.

The Greeks certainly laid the foundation for Western medical practice but much more of Western medicine can be traced to the Middle East, Germanic, and Celtic cultures.

An initial examination took place as standard for a physician to properly evaluate the patient.

The patient's home climate, their normal diet, and astrological charts were regarded during consultation.

Hundreds of temples devoted to Asclepius have been found throughout the Greek and Roman empire to which untold numbers of people have flocked for cures.

Healing visions and dreams formed the foundation for the curing process as the person seeking treatment from Asclepius slept in a special dormitory.

The healing occurred either in the person's dream or advice from the dream could be used to seek out proper treatment for illness elsewhere.

Afterwards the visitor to the temple bathed, offered prayers and sacrifice, and received other forms of treatment like medication, dietary restrictions, and an exercise regiment, keeping with the Hippocratic tradition.

This influence was highlighted by the interplay between Christian theologians who adopted aspects of pagan and folk practices and chronicled them in their own works.Often it was believed the cause of disease was supernatural.Nevertheless, approaches to curing disease existed. People in the Middle Ages considered medicine through an understanding of the humors.The Greek medical foundation comes from a collection of writings known today as the Hippocratic Corpus.” The Hippocratic Corpus, popularly attributed to an ancient Greek practitioner known as Hippocrates, lays out the basic approach to health care.Greek philosophers viewed the human body as a system that reflects the workings of nature and Hippocrates applied this belief to medicine.

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