Updating tmobile g1 software

Would I need the radio update and if so where would I get it and how would I go about applying it?The HTC Dream, also released as the T-Mobile G1, was the first Android phone on the market, and the device still enjoys a loyal following due to its form factor, especially the hardware keyboard.

General instructions for updating to a new firmware (Outdated, new Jesusfreke firmwares are available) Its now time to install the custom firmware.I found this tutorial on how authenticate via wifi, but keep in mind, this device is a couple years old now and I don't know if the files needed are still available.If everything went well, you are now a proud owner of a rooted G1. If the login fails, you might need to add your APN settings (use the Menu button to add a new APN profile).At present, only data and radio are working, apart from the Gingerbread UI. This ROM is not suitable for daily use and you should flash it only if you want to further develop it or if you just want to try out the new Gingerbread UI enhancements on your Dream / G1.Can't wait til November 11th for T-Mobile to give you the much ballyhooed RC29 update?

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