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The largest risk/commitment was time, which we minimized by literally just shipping as fast as we could.

Only after we accumulated 10k users did we realize that v1 had major bugs that we quickly fixed!

I sent out my resume to all the Ruby shops in NYC, and all but one web agency rejected me.

I would work as a web developer for the four following years before finally embarking on my entrepreneurial adventure.

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Aside from ASO, in-app marketing has had the largest impact on user acquisition by far.We decided to simplify the equation: Well, what if everyone was looking for the same thing? Normally, people come up with an idea they think has potential, then they work on it nights and weekends and validate the idea before they quit their jobs.I, on the other hand, was tired of working full time for someone else's company, so I decided to take the leap of faith and quit my job — all before even knowing what I was going to build.We briefly tested video advertisements as well, but decided that it took away too much from the experience with little reward.Since removing ads, our active users continues to increase week to week.

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