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For more information about Group Policy, see Group Policy at For more information about options for setting up and configuring your client computers in both Active Directory and non-Active Directory network environments, see Deploying Microsoft Windows Server Update Services at In managing the process of updating computers (which includes WSUS servers), one of your main goals is to have any planned downtime occur when there is little chance for lost productivity.

For those that decide to defer installation, separate security updates will be published during the 120-day window," Le Blanc writes.

By default, this is every 22 hours (minus a random time offset, described later in this topic) at which time the approval actions you specified for the new updates (for example, installation, detection, or removal) run on the client computer.

However, if you are aware of and want to protect computers against immediate security threats, you might want to set up more a more frequent schedule for computers to contact the WSUS server, download, and install updates.

It will take a few minutes before the new policies you have configured take effect.

It will be about 20 minutes after Group Policy refreshes (applies any new settings to the client computer).

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